About SafetiPin

What is SafetiPin?

SafetiPin  is a social enterprise providing a number of technology solutions to make our cities safer for women and others. We use apps to collect information and engage with individuals, and provide back end solutions for large scale data collection and analytics. We work with governments, NGOs, city planners, international agencies and corporates, to provide and use safety data for change.

At the core of the app is the Safety Audit. It consists of a set of 9 parameters that together contribute to the perception of safety. Each audit results in a pin on the specific location where the audit was performed and also records the time and date. The colour of the pin is red, orange or green based on the measure of the parameters. Based on audit data in an area, a Safety Score is generated.

Any user can do an audit or post their feeling at a particular place. Users can agree to posts, put up their own comments, and even post it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We hope that SafetiPin will be used for connecting individuals with the community via free crowd sourcing.

Further, we are now engaging different methods to do large scale data collection in cities, covering all major roads and areas. This data is shared with users of SafetiPin and with key urban stakeholders such as planning departments and the police to provide inputs into improving safety conditions.

How SafetiPin makes cities safer?

SafetiPin provides information about factors that promote safety for women and other groups, to citizens at large and important urban stakeholders

Users can add comments while doing Audits. They can report problems such as poor/no lighting, broken/blocked footpath, open wiring etc. While travelling, they can view Safety Audits to view safe and unsafe locations, and plan their routes accordingly.

Government Service Providers We provide information to public service providers with access to information from the data collected such as non-functioning streetlights and unsafe areas, to help them improve the safety of the area.

NGO's SafetiPin mobile safety app can be used as a tool by NGO's and others working at the grassroots level in lower income areas for advocacy.

Corporations. Companies can use SafetiPin to extend safety outside the workplace, by providing information and providing recommendations to employees on transport, places to stay, and even planning routes based on employee locations with the help of our GIS service. Further employees can use SafetiPin Track to let others know of their location and possible dangers.

Portals The Safety Score of places and neighborhoods could be made available to travel or property portals to give users information about the level of safety of the areas.