City Governments and Urban planners

Use our night-time data to plan for safer and more inclusive cities

SafetiPin collects night-time data through camera phones mounted in cars, and then codifies them to represent a number of parameters.

This data is available in multiple forms including maps, reports, csv files, to take important urban planning and monitoring decisions, including deployment of limited resources for lighting, security, CCTVs, public transport at night.

Join cities like New Delhi, Jakarta, Bogota and Nairobi in using SafetiPin data to build safer and smarter cities


Demonstrate your commitment to women's safety

Addressing sexual harassment is an important agenda for most leading organizations today.

Extend this to safety outside the workplace by training employees on importance of safety tools.

SafetiPin training programs cover safety principles outside the workplace, and additionally provides tools (through our apps) to help your employees stay safe.

Donors and Strategic Partners

Help us take SafetiPin to more cities around the world

We are fortunate to have the support of donors and strategic partners interested in promoting the safety of women and others, and making cities smarter and more inclusive.

We work with local partners to set up 'safety choupals' to work with local disadvantaged communities, on a safety agenda

We are seeking donors interested in promoting safer and smarter cities in developing countries


The cornerstone of SafetiPin is a smartphone safety audit app that everybody can access, and anybody can contribute information to Stability Innovation Atlas February 2018
Safetipin is a mobile app that college students swear by
This app is like the Pinterest of personal safety apps - apart from GPS tracking and alarm features, the user community updates and informs you on